I've wanted to be a pilot for a long time, I was turned off of the idea of the Air Force around my junior year In High School when I was told that my shoulders were too wide to fit in most fighters. Actual truth or not, I never lost that want to fly. 

Flash forward several (seven? maybe?) years and I caved one day. I bought an X-wing helmet to mess around with and have a good time. then a coworker left for a homeland vacation, and forgot how impulsive I am. I expressed my disappointment at the lack of office Halloween costuming and he said if I dressed up as a kid pilot (build thread here) then he would dress up as well. He was hoping I'd bail. I did not. Regardless, the image he provided is not that great as far as size and resolution is concerned. Plus it's half covered with text. So, I've decided that the fact that the kid is a pilot is enough for me to run the X-Wing suit with. (I decided this before I realized the other costume would be less than $100 to make, so now we build two.) I've nearly finished cleaning up the seams on the helmet, and will be bringing that to the local hackerspace for molding help and reinforcement. I already have the internal electronics handled, thanks to an AMAZING headset that cracked recently. so i will have an actual mic and speakers inside this thing. Once I know I can make castings for the other project, i'll be finishing this helmet up. It's going to be white, and have a couple of stealthy pop-culture references in it. OH SHIT I have to finalize that design... whoops...

Anyways, I need to do more around the town exercise, and what better way to do that than to skate the bastard!!! I've got a board kicking around for a while now, so the plan is to cut that into the rough shape of an X-wing and make some plastic wings in the "Travel" formation that can pivot a bit and are tied to strings anchored at the trucks so they don't drag when turning. I'll have that, the oversized drive, and the undersized Mouse. as well as the data card and I need to make Jyn's necklace finally. 

So the last list of things I need for the suit are:

  • Gloves
  • Com pad
  • Boots 
  • Aluminum greeblies
  • Chest Box
  • Belt

Not too-too much. I have plans to make the box, pad and greeblies on my own, and I'm planning on purchasing the rest. sourcing good gloves and boots will probably be a pain. After that, there are a couple of modifications to the jumpsuit and vest I need to make, and the suit will be set. I'm debating on whether I should make the helmet a specific pilot's or cherry pick my own design... Maybe I'm a rogue who came back when he was needed... I dunno...  details for later

I do want to get started with the Stardust Plans ASAP, so I think I'll head home here in a minute and select a briefcase for use. I already have the drive for the old one, so that's one less thing to hunt. If I don't hear back from Blue Realm by the end of next week, I'll be forced to make my own. There's plenty of data, but I'd much rather have a starting point. 

I'm also toying around with the idea of kitbashing a K2 as a C3PO ESB Backpack style droid. that would be fun, but i have a lot of work ahead of me as it is. Anyways, maybe for the Christmas special.... NOPE, couldn't keep a straight face. I'll stick with what i have for now. I'll continue printing the last parts of his head, but I'll be working on the suit more than that in the end. I will entertain that idea though... it could prove to be quite... the notion...