this all spawned from wanting to show up to RTX forever ago in a "real" suit of armor, Get invited onstage, drop my actually-bulletproof helmet on the table, scare some people, and have a good time. So instead I'm going to make things a little differently. I'm still going to make my suit out of aluminum, fiberglass, Kevlar, and laminated Lexan, I'm just going to do it a little differently. 

I've started printing the Magnum, and the only things i gotta do with it is this: Mold and cast an array of aluminum parts, make the mags into battery banks, make two of them, resin and Aluminum, make both actuate properly, i'll overlay this process in another thread

AS for the Armor, I'm going to start with what i consider to be the most difficult part of the entire build. the helmet. The rest of the armor can be opaque as hell, but the helmet has the glass and glass is hard. It's going to be a right pain to make this thing not warp the hell outta my FOV. Plus i can have sections printing while i wrestle the glass. 

I started by downloading the model graciously provided by user {insert here} who masterfully crafted this file into perfection. he created two files, one full helmet, and the other that is just the glass, as it were, AT this point i'm toying with the idea of having this printed in one piece, but i'm not sure how that will go. 

Nevermind! I know how that will go! It's $45 shipped to my door! So we'll be placing that order in as soon as I can ensure the proper face will print right side up. I might just barely fit on the other printer, so I gotta toy with that. If so, I'm going to order a 5kg roll of PLA just for this project. I'll be printing two of them just to be safe. I might as well do it in silver just because, although i feel like i'll have more use cases with the white. IF this doesn't pan out, then I'll have it printed, I think i might be able to goose the dimensions if i angle the thing,,, but man is that wide... i'm sure i can get it to fit, Now I just have to get it to fit and not droop anywhere important. I'll have to check at the house, 

Regardless, Once that's done and in bondo, i'll be able to start printing the metal parts of the helmet. 

Alright, five minure later update, but according to the posted specs of my printer, and the calculated dimensions from 3D hubs, i have at least a centimeter of space in any given dimension when I lay this thing ideally. IF that's true, HicTop gets running tonight. No Questions. I'll load up some good filament, and run with things as they are.