This thing is big... Went to the Shooting Range yesterday for the first time in a few months (calling me "rusty" would be saying the steel on an abandoned-in-the-1890's mine cart rails are tarnished.) so that was gun. Anyways, before I took off, I grabbed a box of 50AE (hollow point but whatever) and yeah... I never realized how big this thing is. the 9mm can fit inside of the hollow point... Anyhoo... The 50AE does not fit in the lower of the model I have. Technically it does, but it has like... 1.5mm of clearance total. left to right. SooOOOooooOOO Where does that leave us? I think I'm going to continue with this model as-is, because the 45ACP mag fits (dimensionally) So that means getting out the table saw. I can hog out most of the material that way, and be alright with what's left. I bought some MoldMax 40 for this. going to do a 14NV for the skinjob and back it with that. this way I don't have to invest in a vacuum chamber anytime soon. (though I'll need one eventually.) 

The issue after thus is twofold. I'll need to redesign the lower to accept the larger magazine of the Desert Eagle. I do want to use off the shelf components for this as it not only reduces downtime but adds realism by using proper materials. instead of a resin, per say. The only issue with this is that there's only a 7 round magazine for this caliber with the eagle. Now, most magazines say they're 15+1 meaning they have an actual capacity of 16. so I'm curious to know if these are just unlisted that way. IF I had, say, a 10 round mag then I could simply cut it down to fit. but alas! I do not. I will continue the search for one, but in the end, it must be what it must be. 

I'm still musing the construction of an armed and fully operational 50 Cal version. I figure the lower receiver should be titanium, but I have zero math to reinforce this claim. that being said, Such a section of plate is well over $700 to purchase; and that is just the materials cost. Tooling and Machining are another huge hole-maker. We'll work out all of the design details for now and leave the rest to time. I'd love to have that, but there are a number of fully functional firearms that I can build prior to a completely custom machined space pistol. There is a thing i once knew that i have since forgotten... Titanium sticks against everything... It no slidey well... oops... If i had remembered that. i might have looked at this differently... The lower receiver will have to be steel. no question now. the upper might be able to be titanium.  why am i so gorram hellbent on using Titanium?! We have so much work to do before i can settle on a material like that. though i believe that having something as tough as titanium would be beneficial in areas such as the muzzle guard. high-impact prone ones. i'll def. make the trigger guard out of titanium.

I remembered the origin of the hell-bentedness: Space Gun. This thing needs to be strong and lightweight. Thus titanium wherever i can get it. There will be some serious materials comparison in the near future. I'll work out all of the mechanics in a bit. but one thing's for sure. This is going to be fun!