So, It's been a weekend, The printer was clogged during most of it, but the important thing is that I've been printing pretty steadily since then. I have the barrel, receiver, trigger, both lights the laser assembly, and the left side finger guard is printing as we speak. The next part I'm going to print though, is the two halves for the magazine base. I also need to get some 50AE Rounds to compare to the barrel opening. Or I could just measure it... could be worse things... I'll go Wed. to get a sampling. god it'll be good to be back on the range again.

What's the next step after this? Sanding, and filling, and fitment, then we get molding and casting,  I need to get a decent set of molds for the overall gun. Once I get a solid magazine contender I'll have a straight up way for figuring out how to make the receiver. Once I get that, I have already figured out how to make the magazine disengage, I'll have a shallow hook that's solenoid driven push down on the battery contacts, which will be spring loaded from underneath, and have a little ratchet section that locks to the inside of the slide, then you can pull the magazine out and put the new one in and once you cycle the slide you're set to go! 8 rounds/mag just like it should be. wait a minute... I don;t need that, I'll have the slide lock open and have the controller just not cycle anything then. Or, I'll have the slide ride on the solenoid mech and then there'll be that stereotypical clicking noise. that way I don't even need a microcontroller. That would be ideal. I could just use a pot and dial in the strength of the solenoid. That sounds pretty straightforward. That means it will not be. Oh well...

Oh shit how will it count the rounds?... Well, I guess you could say that idea backfired a little... Regardless, Ill have to throw a lotta junk in there before I get too far. It looks like I will have to invest in the creation of a desktop rotocaster... 

I might go with the 45 magazine for testing, especially because I already have it on hand. I'll have to pick up a tad bit of square tubing, probably 1" and some shafts. I think I'll make a spring loaded section, to keep a looser tolerance. but i'll design that in another post. 

For the electronics, I'm looking at a stack of LiPo batteries in the magazine, a small one in the light, which will be a standalone system, i think, i gotta see if the light deactivates when reloading, regardless, then i gotta find a solenoid, spring, decent terminals, I should set up a shopping list. I'll probably just use a pro mini and run with that. What else, OOH! Right! SparkFun sells 0.2mm SMD LEDs so it looks like i'll even be able to do muzzle flashes! 

oh... ok... that's very different from what i expected... So yeah, looks like i'll be splurging for a Desert Eagle magazine... Holy crap that's big... Not to worry, that just leaves more room for moar batteries! time to order some shiny magazines and a new speaker for it. I can hide the speaker in the top of the, chamber we'll call it, and have it project down and out of the front of the barrel. I should look into super small data size mp3 chips...  The Teensy Audio Shield is looking like a decent option, at just 1.5x1.5 it is definitely small enough to fit vertically in this system, I'll have to see if that's the best way to go about this. or a two minute internet search reveals a ~22mm square audio board from Aliexpress. We're going to try that first. It even comes with a micro sd card slot. This could be our ticket, i'm not sure, but maybe, That would definitely fit into the light box, We'll do some shopping around first. The other main issue, is the solenoid action is shorter than what i need for the slide. that;'s jsut an offset lever, but i might need a couple of levers for this to work right, and that's... got it. not the numbers, but how to ensure i heave enough space to make it work! General Specifics to follow.

I found a wonderful outline of the magnum, and printed it out to be something akin to an assembly guide. I scaled it up a tad to fill the page more, 117% actually, and it may have been that 100% was juuuuuuuuust a tad undersized. Because i mean EVERYTHING Lines up, the trigger is a little different in shape, but I couldn't get this kinda accuracy if I tried. Anyways, I might make a pocket pistol 45 for IRL just to save on the materials cost, as i think the receiver will have to be titanium in order to withstand a 50AE, but who knows? OH MY GOD Halo Golden Gun!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'll make that as blocky as the original CE and cast it outta brass. WOO HOO For CULTURE CROSSOVERS~! man, that thing has a magazine in it, That's probably when they figured they'd make the mag size accurately. i dunno yet.

anyways, i might make the lower outta brass and aluminum plate it, or something, (reminder, check plating values) and if i can that should save on recoil, not that i think this thing needs it. We'll cross that road after the next con. 

So i guess the next step will be to fit and finish the rest of the body, my question is, should I make the trigger cast into the gun? there will be a lot of those kinda questions in the near future i can assure you that. I think the next thing i need to do is make the rotocasting machine and play some more reach. OOH! TV's I need to get the new tv in. And the shelves. that would be good. anyways, I'm rambling and i gotta get stuff done around here. See you soon.