I'm building another Space Gun. Because Space Gun. Last night I started the construction of the Misrah M6G Magnum. I'm still working out what the real world caliber will be, but for now it'll be Lithium Ion. It's no real secret that my Halo will always be Reach, and that drives the majority of my creation's decisions. Once I settled on a generation and style, I found a Thingiverse model (because c'mon, there's no way there's no thingiverse model) and started printing the trigger alongside some prototypes for another project. 

So far, so good! I laid out the pieces that would fit on the build plate of the small printer, as I'll be making a couple of different molds for this as time goes on. One of which I would like to be static, maybe with a trigger pull, but I'm not sure. I wouldn't mind having a couple of giveaway castings for people who just need one for the con or whatnot. 

Anyways, I'll definitely be printing this all weekend long, and I suspect I could do it all in one go on the larger printer... Regardless, I should have the laser and slide done by actually close to the time of penning this. There are a couple of other bits and baubles I need to print next on it. 

After some google searching I found out that a 50 AE round will be accurate enough and makes me wonder about what the hell kinda marines we're sending to space. I've personally never fired a 50 caliber anything, though I'm not sure how shotgun slugs compare.  After some initial (and albeit sparse) research, it would appear that the only sizes available for this are 7 and 10 round magazines. The good thing is that either option, in Desert Eagle format is available for not much money. My initial idea is to have two magazines that are in reality battery packs. I'm thinking I'll have two terminals in the first round position, and have the charger in between them. Nothing too fancy here, but it will mean the solenoid won't work without the magazine fully inserted. 

I have also ascertained that the initial idea of using 18650 cells will not work in a stock magazine.  I'll have to find another solution then...