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The start of it all

The start of it all

A challenge has been issued

I have some great co-workers. I forgot how we got onto the topic but he posted the image below onto our chat and I remarked on my internal disappointment with the office's Halloween display last year. He said if I dressed up like this kid he'd dress up as well. He's claiming store-bought, but i contracted in that he must make one thing on his costume. I don't care what it is, but he has to make it himself. I've got an entire backpack, so there's some bias, but whatever I'm going to have fun! 


I could already tell this was an easy one, relatively speaking. The only thing here that's not off the shelf is the backpack/wing thing. Here's a breakdown of what I need based on some LAPD 2019 spec zoom and enhance work.

  1. Red 3/4 helmet. 
  2. Those awesome old aviation goggles. 
  3. Red Tie
  4. light brown/charcoal jacket
  5. white/light blue/gray shirt
  6. Black Slacks
  7. shoes
  8. wing

I already have a number of these lying around, and what's left can easily be had for very little. a couple of quick amazon searches resulted in the first three items with a grand combined total of $56.94 before shipping/taxes/whatnot. I could have gotten it for even less, the tie could be had for 2.99 as an add on item, and the helmet could have been Bright Red and $5 cheaper, but accuracy before wallets. to a certain degree. 

the plan

The links to everything will be provided in line, but I started on the wing with a little bit of the "Image is small and blocked out by lettering, I'll have to get creative" method. I could just run with what i see there, a section of 3/8" plywood, two 1.25" diameter sections of PVC, and an old backpack, but i kinda wanna re-imagine this costume a bit. I like the old goggles idea, and the helmet is awesome, so what's to upgrade? The wing. I'm not saying I'm going to drop a pantload on JetCat turbine engines and a carbon fiber wing, but I might be so inclined to build a giant hot-wire machine and make some fiberglass coated foam turbines and wing of similar architecture. There's enough information out there a'la Peter Sripol's DIY Ultralight to do things

So, I'm inclined to include a five point harness with those weird leg straps that climbers use. There's also that French guy who flew across the English Channel with the kitchen table on his back

Taking design cues from every wing I've looked at. there's going to be a lot of differences between mine, and the original. but in the end, I want it to look like the 3,529th attempt at this. I definitely want this to be reminiscent of the Rocketeer, as I figure the evolution would end up with something like that.