Weekend Update, July 1st

Hello there everyone! Here's where we're at with the mouse droid. 

The main body has been (very roughly) Bondo'd up to the main chassis. and the exterior has been shaved close. the next step will be to design some 3D printed sections to magnetically attach the top to the bottom.

Speaking of, I wired up the vast majority of the bottom plate. the only thing left is the battery connections. and some hot glue strain relief.  but other than that, it's complete. the rear axle is bolted in place, and can be removed if I need to do something. The very last electronics step would be to combine the power for the Bluetooth speaker and the drivetrain, but that'll be down the road.

so not a whole lotta progress, but that's where we're at today.


Where we're at now.

So here's a listing of what I still have to do:

  • Bondo exterior
  • re-cap side panels
  • filler-primer the greeblies
  • anchor rear axle
  • re-connect wiring. 
  • find/re-wire controller
  • Design body anchors

Not a huge list, the bondo work will take some time, what with sanding and all, but the only real issue is the controller, I've no idea what I did with it... Now the original car can still be had for $15, so I may end up doing that...

Anyways, Here's the progress from Last Night: 

Bondo'd the gap from the inside with some painter's tape on the outside so it doesn't splooge everywhere. I did this to minimize the ammount of Bondo I'd have to apply from the outside; less bondo means less potential for mess. Not sure if it'll work, but we'll see.

After that, I have the lower chassis to finish. I printed out the rear, rear differential mount. And I still have to work out a forward mount. but all in all i figure i have about five more hours of work to finish it up. not including print time. I figure four brackets should be sufficient. i just need to design them. 

Playing Catch Up

Alright, so this was originally in another post lost in the ether of naivety, so we're going to back track this project here. 

I started this project as a "get my feet wet" robotics project, but it turned out to be more of a "just do what you know" kinda thing. not a bad thing, but definitely short of what I imagined... 

Regardless, We started this project in late October, 2017. I wanted a Star Wars droid and dammit I was gonna have one. I got started by shopping around for an RC Car I could salvage for the drivetrain. I got the body cut up from a white faces scrap of hardboard, I've also heard it called masonite, and that seems to be an accurate name. I believe I used the undebelly of an old turntable with a shot main board. The lower box was made with some scrap 1/8" plywood, probably birch faced, if I had to guess. The channel is actually a section of 2x4 I cut on the table saw in order to be close. Then came a lot of bondo and sanding. I used a filler primer to start, then sanded again. then used an old can of rusty metal primer and alternated layers that way. Much like an automotive guide coat.