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So, there were a couple of pictures back there, but where are we IRL?

Not much further, I hated the head seam I had, so I muscled it apart and have started sanding it flat again. It's just a hair bowed, so I'm not too worried that I'll lose dimension. I figured I might as well start on the Bondo, as I was working on the Mouse Droid topper. I have the lower plate done, so where does that leave me? 

I have to make his "Lobot" collar still, and re-print some parts to prepare them for fiberglassing. Once those are done, however, it should be a fairly straightforward process to mold up. I'm debating on whether I want to do a rubber sleeve for the mold, due to the complexity. I might. Once all of that is done, I should have very little in the way of issues that I need to work out. plus I can offer castings should someone want one... I want to re-design the lower jaw plate to make assembly easier. but that means i gotta be crafty... I want to make it so you can attach a neck mechanism through it if you wanted to.

I'll add in some pictures of all of the current parts tonight and tomorrow. I'll also get a better idea of how I want to approach the rest of this project by tomorrow or Friday.