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So, there were a couple of pictures back there, but where are we IRL?

Not much further, I hated the head seam I had, so I muscled it apart and have started sanding it flat again. It's just a hair bowed, so I'm not too worried that I'll lose dimension. I figured I might as well start on the Bondo, as I was working on the Mouse Droid topper. I have the lower plate done, so where does that leave me? 

I have to make his "Lobot" collar still, and re-print some parts to prepare them for fiberglassing. Once those are done, however, it should be a fairly straightforward process to mold up. I'm debating on whether I want to do a rubber sleeve for the mold, due to the complexity. I might. Once all of that is done, I should have very little in the way of issues that I need to work out. plus I can offer castings should someone want one... I want to re-design the lower jaw plate to make assembly easier. but that means i gotta be crafty... I want to make it so you can attach a neck mechanism through it if you wanted to.

I'll add in some pictures of all of the current parts tonight and tomorrow. I'll also get a better idea of how I want to approach the rest of this project by tomorrow or Friday. 





This is another pre-"understanding squarespace" project that has yet to be finished. Here's the Copy and Paste from April 10th. 

But at least you can survive in space. 

Yep. I'm building a K2-SO unit. I'm starting with the head, and will work on the joints after that, but at least I'll finally have someone to talk to. Lord knows nothing but questions comes from POTaiyTOS. 

I got a K2 minifig from C2E2 this year. He seems... eager to help with the construction of his big brother.

Here's the "completed" jaw. I'm going to re-model the Tusks so they can be replaced a little easier, but other than that, the rest of the jaw is ready to be finished and prepped for molding. I'm planning on molding and casting a resin master of his jaw and a fiberglass skull with little indents where detail panels fit in. I've been approached by another builder and he wants to animate his head, however, both of ours will be well over a kilogram by the time mine's done printing. and that's not including filler and paint and lights. so we've got some work to do. 

I had to split the model further than it came. I should mention that I'm using this Thingiverse model by NordwickDesign. His files import into Cura super tiny, and I have no idea if this is a Cura problem or a file problem. Either way, the vast majority of my files are scaled 40x and I've confirmed dimensions with others who have build life size K's. There are a couple of his files I didn't use, and I had to cut a couple of his files in order to make them fit on the printer. 

And after a week of printing. yes, literally. the files are done. I'm starting to think I might be better off only 3D printing the joints of these droids and making the bodies in more conventional methods. I think K2 would be a good candidate to learn foamsmithing on.