I wanted to build a potato to power a heartless hag of a robot to control the testing areas of my occupancy. I modeled the camera surround, then the lens, and finally the control chip case just the way I wanted them, but I was overzealous. I sent them to the printer before I realized my mistake. I learned a lot of lessons today. Namely, to double check my work. I missed the all-important Running LED!

This could have been fixed by any Joe with a set of metric drill bits. but C'mon! We have the magical powers of 3D Printing at our disposal! 

Ten minutes of modeling and twenty of printing later, and we have the magical beauty that is a lowly LED socket. I printed this on the default "high" PLA settings as i was lazy and didn't want to finish the piece all that much. It was secured in the camera surround with a couple of tacks of super glue. 

As always, this was a job that probably should have been done with a couple of drill bits, but I was lazy and the internet was down at work, so I was already at a standstill productivity wise. plus the body only has something like 25% infill so in the end I probably would have defaulted to this anyways. Model in the Digital Downloads tab!