In Today's installment of "When All You Have is a Hammer" We present to you: 

A 3D Printed FTDI Spacer!!! At a whopping 37 mm by 20 mm by 0.7 mm, this FTDI spacer agonized under the searing heat of a 3D printer nozzle for an endurance-shattering eleven minutes!!! Forget the fact that I have several square yards of sheet plastic available for a project such as this! This feat of engineering is, at its core, a Multi-Layered Rectangular Prism! 


In all seriousness, this was a project where, I'm already printing things, so why not just print one. It wasn't until halfway through the job I realized I had sheets of rafts that would've been marvelous for the job... whoops... at least I didn't use any rafts to print this!