Ok. so here's the deal. Aech just got a 3d printer and he wants projects. so I threw him the idea of Nick Fury's GIGANTIC Thumb drive from Winter Soldier. He wants something functional, so I offered to load the empty shells with a drive and leds. But that got me thinking: In Ready Player One (book) Wade requisitions a ten zettabyte drive from the sixer Office Max and it shows up next day. he uses it for spoiler stuff and whatnot and that's more or less the last you hear of it. I always wanted it to resemble the Fury Drive in the movies so that's kinda what stuck in my head, for size reference. He does "pocket[ed] it" during the book, so it has to at least be not ludicroulsly large. 

But how much is a single zettabyte? 

I don't have a mental reference for that amount of data. At least, not when i first performed this query oh, about a half hour ago. but they list a billion terabytes. i have a number of terabyte drives at the house, granted they're 3.5" and single terabytes but have gazed upon ten-terabyte drives with my own eyes, so how big can a single drive get? 

The Nimbus Exadrive DC100 is a 3.5" form factor ONE-HUNDRED TERABYTE drive that can be purchased at the time of writing (though, apparently you have to be Disney or PayPal [the company of PayPal, not a user] in order to find a price.) this is the largest drive i can find, but to put that in perspective for the people who haven't done the math already, Wade pocketed, POCKETED!!! a drive that had the capacity of ONE HUNDRED MILLION EXADRIVES. one hundred million 3.5" Hdd's were chilling around collecting lint in an 18 year old's pocket. 

I have had two cups of coffee and I can't even imagine THAT MANY DRIVES. But we have math to help out with that. 

The average 3.5 inch Hard Disk Drive has a top surface area of 23 inches square. Multiply that by one hundred million, and you have 2.3 billion square inches. If you were to lay the drives down side by side and stretch them out, you would cover: 


That was in his pocket. Needless to say, I will not be having a Zettabyte thumb drive the size of a large highlighter anytime soon. 

Anyhoo... I decided that i would be willing to spend on a 128Gb drive and roll with that.