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More bad ideas...

Ok, so there's this project lurking in the background that I really haven't written about... I want to build a robot arm, for the express purpose of melting aluminum cans for me. Just adding them to the foundry until it sees that the barrel is full, then... I dunno, yelling at me to empty it. Not important. the important thing is, this:

Nothing too surprising right? How about this:


A little mild for the start of June, but what's the big deal here? Well, that's a very large temperature difference, on either unit, for daily interactions that more or less directly concern me. What can you do with large temperature differences?

I'm going to attempt to power the arm through - I cannot type this without laughing... - nothing but sterling engines and an alternator.

This very well may be my dumbest idea yet. we'll see... 

So where am I starting? I need to keep the equipment far enough from the foundry that it survives, and that only the lowest point of the assembly gets heated. I have some old radiator elements from some window AC units I haven't sold for scrap yet, and a spool of copper tubing for the heating portion of this assembly. I wonder how I can make things happen well... it'll have to circulate somehow, in order to keep a solid temperature, and I'll have to have a way to regulate the temperature...

as for the actual power generation, Do i go for a regular car alternator? Or do i try to find a motorcycle version? If I go for the motorcycle, do i have to spin it faster in order to get the same output off of it?

Jeez capslock.. also damn.. car alternator it is... I need to work on this, and i need to work on work right now, so i'm going to let this stew for awhile.