So I've found a few more pieces of the modeling puzzle, but I still need to build the frame, wheels, and other accessories, Thank God for McMaster Carr. Their "Don't use our stuff for 3D printing" clause is a little odd, but there's nothing in there that says I can't use it for a not-for-profit mock-up, so all of the hardware I use is from that. 

Finding decent 16 gallon drum schematics is harder than you might think. Not impossible, but not 5 minutes either, Thank god these things are of regulated in dimensions. Not saying that this will be 100% accurate, but it should be close enough for ideas at least. 

Alright, So the barrel has been modeled and cut. and the tank model has been downloaded, I still need to double check that it will transfer into something usable, but it should be fine... OOH! Ok, so it imported fine, it's an assembly though, so I will have to see how that changes nesting it into another assembly.