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Helping Imperial Slimeballs

Helping Imperial Slimeballs


Back at the start of February, I caught one of DrSciFi's late-night Twitch Streams. He has been building an ID-10 Droid (which looks Marvelous.) to add to his growing line of Empire-funded space debris. Regardless of which side you support, unfinished projects are unfinished projects, and I won't stand for that... Nope, couldn't keep a straight face. Either way, He mentioned this little flag thing that the droid has on it's antenna and how he couldn't find a way to make the foam piece he had look right. I shot him a message and offered up my services as a 3D modeler and 3D printer owner; and, like all imperial officers begging to impress, he jumped at the idea. It was getting late for him, (so why bother staying up? Those gray-shirts are so spoiled!) so I took the opportunity to grab the picture off of Wookieepedia,

and gather relative dimensions to scale later.

Later that night, he measured the diameter of his dome (215mm if you were wondering) and I used that to set my numbers and present a first draft:

Not what either of us were really looking for. I offered up a slight revision:

Still not quite what he had in mind. Looking back, he was headed the right design direction:


Five minutes later, we had our version 3:


I packed them up and shipped them along, They arrived on the 9th. The imperial seemed to be pretty excited about it, at least he was on his Instagram.


This was fun. I'm pleased that the parts arrived intact, and he seems genuinely excited to be one step closer to finishing his bot. The next issue he has to tackle is how to mount the Go-Pro in the eye socket, after that, maybe he'll go Bothan hunting.