This is going to suck, only because I know I can't get it "right" the first time. 

The very first Halo videogame I ever played was Halo 2. The only reason I remember this is because of the Gravemind. Man was that thing cool... creepy, but cool... this is also the game that made me fall in love with Banshees. Another project for another time. My brother's friend Adam had an X-box at the time and lent it to us while he was on vacation or something... Naturally he brought over a couple of games, but all I remember was Halo 2. I only spent a few hours on it, mostly because the aforementioned older brother was always on it, but in those first few hours of fight and flight I was sold. 

Several years later we finally got an Xbox 360. very shortly after, I received Halo Reach for my birthday from the very same controller hoarder who's friend gifted me a glimpse of the vastly different space fairing human race. I played the living grace outta Reach, and still sit down to it on occasion to this day. After I completed the campaign, I dove headfirst into the online multiplayer. This is where I discovered my natural tendency to stay back and pop heads. My go-to loadout was the DMR with the Magnum and I'd scrounge the map for a Sniper Rifle. The DMR was plenty fast for the Close Quarters combat I inevitably needed, and I got good enough with the SRS-99C that I was able to heavily annoy my brother. (This was a proud Feat for me, as he always was, and still is, better at videogames than I am, but that don't mean I can't send his Mark V helmet frolicking across the landscape.) 

I always wanted a real Sniper Rifle. Something with a massive caliber that would send me sailing if I fired it standing up, but the time has come for me to construct the next best thing. Realistic 99C with removable magazine and realistic recoil. 

So, where do i start? Hitting up the interwebs I found myself a fine model of the Rifle without the Bi-Pod. I plan on adding a legit one later so I don;t particularly mind this. It's not perfect, but i want to have this done by C2E2, which is less than a month away. Yeah Yeah starting late yadda Jabba wasting time. 

After scaling it up to the Halo 4 size, then back down to the proper size, I sliced the very end of the muzzle brake off of it and hit up my local hardware store. I found some black Schedule 80 PVC that was a hair small. so I went to the model, and scaled it 0.985% of it's listed dimensions. Printed off the same slice, tested it, and we are off to the races gentlemen! About two weeks went by where I managed to go through three kilograms of filament before I got back to this. I'd lost the original cut up model, and after I re-scaled it in NetFabb I began to cut pieces off for identification. It was here that I realized that the model is already "cut" into it's respective major portions. The barrel, the muzzle brake, the upper receiver/stock, the magazine, all of them already separate! This was a glorious revelation to me as it meant I no longer had to manually make the compartments and slice off geometry at random! 

As of the initial penning of this article, I'm roughly 14 hours into printing the magazine. Yes, one magazine. This is going to Suck... 

I started with the magazine for two reasons, The first is that it already fit on the bed with little modification, and two, I want to find the proper size of once fired brass for the gun. i'd like to make the gun "fire" with a block of LED's in the muzzle and an oversize solenoid in the body. The idea at this point is that I wrap a length of PVC pipe in Magnet wire and add a lead weighted length of 3/8" steel pipe inside. the tolerances aren't great, but they're plenty close for a version 1. 

Alrighty then, Update time. 

Magazine is printed, came out well, still needs clean up, but that always comes later. We've also printed the scope an scope mount, which also came out clean. We've printed the muzzle brake and cut the main barrel. The last few things to source are the Battery packs and the brass. Which i may skip entirely. I would like to add a section of black plastic beneath a clear lens to give the depth of a proper lens, but I'll figure something out.