I've realized that i love being at school. Having a building that's maintained by someone else, where i can come in, work, focus on what I need to do, Get stuff done. 

Regardless... I was perusing future work spaces (at the time of penning this, I'm 21 and still in community college,) and came across Bradley University They happen to be hosting a 3D printing challenge. I am unable to compete, as I discovered it too late to form a team and register. Still, I'm going to run with it, Phase 2 finals just wrapped, and I've recently gotten two major components together:

The important portion of the wheelchair.

The important portion of the wheelchair.

Purchased for $125 on Craigslist, The power wheelchair pictured above, doesn't quite work, I'm attempting to figure that out. I still need to buy a second battery for full power, but I'm excited to get it running. I've begun to work with Adafruit's (discontinued and, consequently, discounted) CC3000 WiFi shield, So far I've gotten the example sketches to work, but not much more than that. The next chunk of hardware I need to figure out is an old router I have lying around. The idea is to make this a LAN where each "computer" talks to each other. How I'm going to implement this I've currently no idea. 

So why am I doing this? I want to see if I can. and I want to dig up a portion of my back yard, and make a cellar of sorts... I dunno.  I have no real motivation other than the fact that I know I can use this to build initial shelters off planet. I'd love to test his theory out on the Moon, or Mars, Whatever the sponsors like. But that is a few years and several successes later. 


10-06-2017: Update. 

Uhh.. So i should probably back up and open up a bit. I've been dreaming of leaving this planet for a while. Maybe ever since i read Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, Specifically book five, Foundation and Earth. Its a good read, fairly short, all things considered, so i won't spoil it. GO READ IT NOW. So i read that, my sophomore year of high-school? so 2012. and have been slowly mulling over this idea of building a colony on the moon, and really, it would've just been a coffin for me, i have sketches i'll upload in a gallery below for some sensible ideas. and all of this was further re-enforced by movies like 2001, Moon, Iron Sky, (I'm serious. like 100%. I've used ideas from that movie in some of these sketches.) Whaddayaknow? Star Wars made it to this list. Contact, Solaris, Tomorrowland, Interstellar, The Martian, The Day the Earth Stood Still, (this is the point of the program where the text gets smaller and smaller, character by character, until i pop back in scale with:) and by books like, surprise surprise, the Foundation series, Ender's Game, My Side of the Mountain, Armada, and Many others i can't recall right now.  Ive done research, albeit rudimentary, on what plants would be most beneficial and practical to seed prior to our arrival so there would be enough analog oxygen production, unfortunately, i am unable to gather samples of Regolith to test some of these, but you know how it goes.

Back to the "Update" part of this update, I watched a video yesterday...

This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdUX3ypDVwI&t=1505s


I have friends that would've been furous about this, had they been in my situation, but i couldn't be happier!!! i've always felt that SpaceX was out of reach, but now it's so close i can taste it. The Door's open, there's just some crap in the way.