Today's the Day! 

Going to be running reminders for people as soon as I'm done with this. but we're going to load up the car and head out to see the movie! I'm really excited. Certain theaters have early screenings and I'm headed to Hollywood Blvd Cinema to enjoy some of Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Nachos and I feel like a Terminator would be fitting tonight. (If you wanna check out their Top-Gun level menu, you can find it here.) 

Unfortunately to say, my costume is not ready yet. I've yet to find acceptable pants for a lower cost. and the jacket isn't done yet. I'm still going as far as I can, but Saturday is my new deadline. I've got the rear buckle for the Solo Belt glued together and ready for sanding, I still need to dent and paint the front buckle. 

As far as the Beta Capsule goes, I have the body in primer right now. The chrome ends are straight fucked up; I rushed the clear coat last night. When I get home I'll be painting the body this perfect blue (photos to come, I promise) and re-spraying the cheap chrome on the tips. If I have time I'll de-mold the crystal and cast a semi-clear version for now. 

What's next?

Probably me getting back to work for now. The last major thing i gotta do is my jacket, and that's just sewing stuff on.

See you after the film.



I Found Pants!!! I'm jumping the gun saying this, but I may still be able to sneak them in before the movie!!!