YAY!!! Other people on the RPF have begun to get into RPO as seriously as I have!!! (pretentious, I know, I'll bring it down...) what I mean to say is that people have begun to post about things they'd like to build that they found through the book. Case and Point: user Grinning Demon asked about an Ultraman Beta Capsule! I've had the capsule on my to-do list since I started planning my build months ago. He wants one, I want one, Let's get going!!!

Alrighty, Where do we start? Like anything, with the reference material. Lucky for me, this seems to be a pretty popular thing, so reference images are pretty abundant. I settled on the one below:


The only thing left to ask for is a ruler and a background that doesn't share a color with the prop. Could be worse, the Capsule could be flat black.


And Post Line Drawings. this just makes it easier to lock dimensions to already defined points. 

and dimensions drawn. now I scaled the image up massively because AutoCAD's been a little finicky lately about changing the "dimscale" to be smaller than stock. this just makes the whole process easier to read. I've been told that the whole capsule is 11" long, so that's our mark to hit. The overall length measured in CAD is 333.0625" long, by 52.5" wide. this might actually make a pretty decent castle tower... if you used those numbers for feet... Anyways. (Actual/measured) x (Measured Width) = 1.73391" wide. but we've gone a little overboard.

(Actual length) divided by (Measured Length) = (Multiplier) meaning that any measurement we take from the enlarged image only needs to be multiplied by the quotient of the above equation and you get your real world dimension within a certain tolerance. I tend to say 5% for this kinda thing, but I didn't measure the original prop (if you have access to the SCREEN USED prop; take a picture of it next to some real standard [iPhone, Dollar Bill, Yen, ruler, 1-2-3 block, International standard or otherwise] and SEND ME THE PICTURE!!!) and therefore cannot verify the dimensions. Appropriately enough, RPF user: "Ultraman" says he has a Beta Capsule, so I hope he lets me send a couple of proofs to him prior to my final version. (Update. He declined the request, as his capsule was not in his possession at this time.)

Moving along: 0.0330268 is our multiplier. Yes. If my Chemistry classes have taught me anything about Borosilicate glass shrapnel, it's that every number behind the decimal is important until you're taken down and the bench is clean. I went through and marked all of the dimensions down in inches before moving on. I then started building each component in Autodesk Inventor, as I needed a dimension, I would convert to millimeters (inches x 25.4) before using it. This just makes scaling things in Cura that much easier. I laid out all five components inside five different instances of Cura. This allowed me to set the body to be a lower resolution than the crystal, for example. I then sliced them and sent them to the factory:

And guess what? They're taller than I expected. Just a shade above the maximum height of the printer. so I cut them down at some of the break lines and assembled them later.

So here are the test prints printed at the "potato" setting in order to quickly check scale and size. I discovered the wall thickness was way too much, even though at 1 perimeter and 5% infill it felt flimsy as all getout. I thinned these out from the inside and made a second black body spike that allowed me to use a button I had on hand, while not perfect, I prefer the lower profile, and it is a red button, I copied the base file and modeled a boss for this button and sent it off to print. As it turns out, the spikes do not print well, as they tend to sway with the nozzle for the last 40mm or so, I cut this section off at the start of the body taper and printed it separately. 

This seems to have solved the problem. It was at this time I stumbled onto This thread about another "lucky find" on ebay. If it's correct, then user Rylo may be able to test the sizing for me. (02-19-18. Yet another dead end, as they don't have one of their old runs on hand, regardless, they did say it was "Certainly not anywhere near 11" though." RPF user mgoob says it may have been a microphone at some point, so I may hit up SamAsh or Sweetwater in the near future to see if the microphone gurus over there have anything to contribute.) 

Regardless, we press on, I modeled the Crystal Cap with 5 windows because I have yet to find anything that contradict's their arrangement in the photos. I have finally received my Ultraman: The Complete Series DVD set, so that should help me with these smaller details. more updates regarding this in the near future. I finished printing out the whole set and laid them together on the desk. 

UPDATE: 2-27-18

I'm going to have to re-model a couple of parts, because simply scaling them down makes the current walls too thin not a big deal, but more work. meh. I got the Spaz Stix in this past weekend, so there's something positive. i've settled on an 8" long capsule. and will be making the changes accordingly. It's about 72% - 73% the size that i previously modeled, so it's not going to be really small, but it should come out clean. If i;m reading these correctly, the main body should be able to print without being sliced! one less step. the black portion will still need to be cut in order to not sway, but I am making a version that only has indentations where the body lines are, this should make printing much easier, as well as later finishing. Time to get to work!

Alrighty then... it appears I cannot scale 3D bodies in inventor... Whelp... looks like we get to do some more remodeling...

UPDATE: 3-13-18

So. Version one modeling is completed and in the finishing processes. three out of five pieces are ready for paint. Pics to follow soon. I posted the files as the 11" versions and all you have to do is scale them. [Download them Here

I still need to model the files with the assembled body, and i still need to make the V2 with the threaded body insert. but I need to know exactly how I'm going to do that.