Version Zero Wireless

ASSUMING that the files I printed are indeed scaled properly, [find them here] A raspberry Pi Zero (any version without headers)will fit inside of a standard issue UNSC A.I. Data Chip:


See? So why not? I took the outer perimeter dimensions from the piece i printed and laid out the overall perimeter of the Zero inside. I'm planning on making a breakout adapter of some sort that connects to the edge of this, and i would love some kind of illumination around the opening, but let's see how this goes later.

Update. 03:36PM

I just burned the latest (as of posting date) Google AIY Voice image onto a micro SD card for another project and put it into the Zero W I used for measurements... It seems that I have missed the fact that the micro SD card sticks out a measured ~2.75mm past the edge of the Zero... this will present interesting results. We shall see how things go by the end of day tomorrow! And yes. I noticed that the camera connector also sticks out. The SD card portion of the above image was supposed to be the thin edge...