Cassian said he had to! 

Happy Star Wars Day Everybody! I realized that I really don't have much in the way of Star Wars wearables, so let's change that! I've been working on a full-size K2SO head to do some motion control design work for Darren AKA Dr. SciFi (seriously, go check him out, this guy's awesome.) And a while ago, I noticed that, externally speaking, it's almost perfect for a helmet of sorts!

But alas, the internal structure denies any such dreams. The big idea has always been to make a fiberglass head for the final product, to reduce weight and add all of the internal space you could need. So my new goal is to get the head done and make a crude kinda  hard-hat for the Solo release! 

So I went to Menards and acquired a can of Gel Coat fiberglass resin to make the mold master. I suspect this will take a couple of tries to get "just right" but you never know. 

As I got this home, I realized something... 

I forgot to finish printing the rest of the head. whoops. 

So that was cut and sent to the printer so I could start to size some of my old raft pieces to act as filler chunks. The eyes and some of his panels make for some pretty deep undercuts, my gut reaction is to make silicone molds of everything, but that gets expensive fast. The plan is to finish the PLA head and then make a multi-part fiberglass mold of it. I'm not sure how I'll get the proper gradient for the eyes, but I suspect it'll work out in the end. 

So in between now and finishing, what can I do? Good Question: I'm going to work on the eyes. The PLA, as I have it now, is to have disks of this translucent white acrylic I have, set in a bracket and surrounded by white LEDs to illuminate, Realistically I think I'll only need four, but I'm going to do 8/eye. I'll find a place to nest in another cell phone battery and a switch. but that'll come later and in a 3d printed form I'm sure.