How do you read? Not a journal like this, but a story? Do you replay it as a movie? Or are you in the Millenium Falcon's cockpit, throwing the levers to make the jump to hyperspace? or does your mind slump back into reality, recognizing only words on a page. Obviously some stories bore us. Their message, meant for someone else, curls back together, and slumps to the floor, as we drift off into the realm of our subconscious. If you are the ones who can "see" the story, are you able to control what you see? Here's a sample text, written by yours truly:

"The sleek, silver starship sat there, waiting patiently in the hangar for it's pilot. Clouds of gas rippled away from the fuel lines, catching the light as it passed away from the craft"

What did you "see" ? Did you picture a chromed 50's dreamboat? or a gunmetal grey Attack ship? Where are you? Are you in the cockpit? Are you walking up to it? are you underneath it? are you observing it from some distance? from a conference room perhaps? 

How is the ship oriented, is it on the floor or suspended? If suspended, is it anchored by something? connected to the wall or ceiling? or is it hovering there?

Could you see outside the hangar door? What did you see? were you on a secret base, built into the side of an asteroid, slowly spinning with the local star blazing into the opening? Or were you in an aluminum and steel skinned, glass paneled hangar of today? What about the hangar opening? What shape was it? How did it function? Split-center rectangle? Hexagonal iris? Blue-laser light force-field?

How about the fuel line? Describe it. What did you see? Did it extend from the ship? reaching into a tank and filling itself? Or did it attach to the ship from the ceiling? How about a fill truck? Where on the ship did the hose attach to? Under the wing? Next to the cockpit? On which side was it? Did it land smack dab in the center of the roof?

Could you discern wings or engines? could you tell which way was forward just by looking at it?

Taking a step back, what is the floor's color? Is it a smooth material, or is it a rough material? Stone, steel or Grate? Is there a ceiling? Is there a floor? Where is the hangar opening in relation to your vertical orientation when piloting the ship? What direction is the ship pointing in in relation to you, if you're not already in it?

Let's get to the smoke, what color is it? Is the color coming from the source of light? or is the light simply illuminating the smoke's natural color? Is it thick and rolling? like a smokestack from a seam engine? or is it wispier: Thin and quick?  does it sink or float? does it give you a sense of concern? or adventure? 



How quickly could you answer those questions? Was it as simple as replaying the scene in your head? or did you have to go back and think about what you saw? 


Food for thought.