So. the movie's been out for a week... What now?

Not sure. Still super hyped about it. I'll be going to my second viewing on Sunday. Then I'll be headed to LaGrange for a Black Panther viewing. It's about time I see that... Honestly though... I could wait to see that on DVD. If only people at C2E2 wouldn't be ruining anything... 

I've started work on some projects, as well as finished others. Each with it's own post coming soon. A rough overview:

3 guns, 1 replica cassette player, 1 pair of restomod headphones, 1 jacket, 1 shoulder cann0n (h), 1 mouse droid, 1 pair of pants, maybe 1 shoulder gauntlet? and to wrap it all up: 5 R2-D2 parts for Dr. SciFi. 


Anyways, I gotta finish modeling some parts... L8r.