Johnny Five Build

I love short circuit... Eat me.

I bought a Johnny Five with the express purpose of building a wheelchair out of it, i am.

Let's Backtrack: Remember that -power wheelchair- i purchased a month ago? I've made a resolution to myself. I'm going to modify that build's initial design, because i only haveone power wheelchair. I am continuing that project, but the main chasis will be a little different than the original "MT55" design i was going for. 
Now you are cionfusedly up to speed...

I'm building a johnny five. Plain and simple. I'm going to make him modular, to a certain extent. I'm going to be able to take his head off of his body, and his body off of his treads. I'd like to be able to store his body, have the tank-dozer-thing running around, and have a friendly face to banter with. 
I'm planning on having minimal circuitry all around, and having the main  stuff in the head. i may make his tail removable, but i have to look into power and related. Currently i've purchased two UL1 lawn and garden batteries for the build, but i still have to gain acess to the  joystick so i can have actual voltages involved in everything. 

Once i'm able to ride a carcass of a wheelchair i'll begin to slim down the ECU. Hopefully to only three plugs: Power, Motor io, and control IO. all of this can be in the base, because i'll have a plug inside that allows for the interchangability. 

I awoke from my pipe-dream last night deciding to get this whole project done by the premier of Ready Player One. on the 8th of march. so i need to be cooking.
I finished building my 3d printer on Tuesday the 3rd of October, and i'm applying for a starving hacker memebership at Pumping Station One, so i can begin to learn how to machine things. 

My robot arm parts should be in by the end of next week, and i may have sourced a small propane tank for my auto-foundry. If all goes well, i'll have chunks of aluminum rolling off of an assembly line in no time. I'll cover this whole setup in another post.

I'm going to start (For the most part) with the base. his treads. I'm pretty sure about their dimensions but i've sent out some dimension/file requests on -The RPF- and am currently waiting on a response. First things later. let's get the electronics running.

There's a ton of empty space in the wheelchair, all of the elecctronics, if you cut the cables off ath the motor housing, can fit inside of a briefcase without an issue. I'm going to whip up a "Test bed" for the motors out of some scrap steel i have lying around. that will allow me to transport and test things as i go, but still keep it inside a small package. I will be using some portions of the original chair. 
while i'm away at other things i'll be 3d printing some of the aestetic parts. the greeblies on his head, the crystal key, the wierd panel covers in his tank section. much of it will be simple modeliong, but i'm sure there will be some tricky parts as well as the regular tedium, like riveting all of the rubber pieces onto his treads.

Once i figure out what the deal is with my big foundry's regulator, i may be able to actually melt a lot of my aluminum into usable chunks. I've figured out that i can cast a crucible full by making a simple sand form around a 2" pvc pipe, so i'll start by masss producing those. I Have an overview of my foundry setup -Here-


So I need to do some maths...

Johnny Five has a maximum height of 7', and is incredibly personable. I know my pipe-dream of havig a Johnny Five by march is probs not going to happen. The Treads should be the simplest part, for me at least (Software makes Dave's thinker box hurt.) 
I've realized that this machine needs to be primarily driven by a Raspberrry Pi, but i think it will be easiest to make the base Arduino driven, as I already know how to do that. I can make an access panel for re-programming... I'll look into getting either a Teensy, pro mini, or attiny84 to work in this scenario. just to save space.
I need to get my 3d printer up and running, It would be useful to start prototyping some parts of Johnny's head, as well as the various covers on his lowest third.


Three months later, and we have some parts together. and a little more knowledge under our belt. Ont he positive side, i have received a huge number of files from a couple of different sources. on the lower side, I have next to none of them printed out. I am having extrusion troubles with my current printer and may end up modifying it to a bowden-to-nozzle setup... we'll see...


Alrighty, Johnny is not getting finished by the premier, I've just had too many hiccups with this that and the other in order to do it right, and I wanna do it right. So! where do we go from here? More or less in the same direction, just slower and with more metal parts. I've gathered some more reference material and I think I can make the majority of his parts fairly easily. I found the whole neck joint for $115 shipped, so we're doing that flat out. I'm still convinced that I can get the OpenCV to work with the Raspberry Pi Compute module and a pair of cameras, I'll still employ a set of sensors so he will have some form of obstacle avoidance, I did get my LCD in this week, so now we can work on that. I still think I wanna have an open port-interface system with him so I can work with the compute-module directly, but I need connectors and cables for that, so that'll take some time, let alone a compute module and interface board. The only issue with the MC boards is that it's kinda big, If I remember correctly, the model I am looking at (it can be found here) breaks out every pin into a designated section. I'd like to see if I can create a specialized one for just the eyes... that then outputs that to a main brain for ultimate control... regardless, I think I can create a nav menu with nothing but the main dial and button on the data-tray. Anyways. I'm going go see if I can create an ultra-slim LCD setup so I can use it in more areas than just johnny... this kit was still fairly cheap, but save a penny.... 

anyways, Next thing to do is mount and attempt to cut the tires for the treads. I still gotta build the turntable for that. 


Hullo There! WE HAVE THE NECK SETUPS!!! I was wrong with that last entry, What I purchased was 4 "Neck cup ball assemblies" Which is a fancy way of saying Johnny's Neck-Shock mounts. So I bought those and the official Input-Inc Lip Light PCBs and They're all in!!! WOO HOO!!! The head I bought back when is super off, so I guess I get to model my own... darn..

I've figured out (on paper, digital comes in the coming weeks,) how to mount the batteries/motors/treads so that I can use my existing hardware! WOOHOO!!! I'll still be making the Wevolver Drone, but this will be excellent in getting Johnny up and running. I have a feeling that the Wevolver Drone will be a little more haphazard than I'm currently picturing...  Regardless! What's next? I've got a friend looking for the Lenses, and I'll be talking to some of the people who have them, I'll be looking to make some casting dies for the Treads. I'll still be making the rubber ones if I can get a tensioning system done effectively. I'll be needing to make some weight calculations... 



WOO Lot has happened. I've started building a robot dog, the next HALO was announced, I've acquired a third 3d printer, SOLO was a tad bit of a disappointment. I have located the proper lip LED's and i can get enough for 2 sets for like... $45 to the door. i've designed a CNC machine. Infinity war nearly killed me. I have an X-wing helmet that will be ready for glass in the near future. I haven;t touched k2... who will also be ready for glass in the near future... Metra's changed their schedule... 

anyways,,, I have a lotta work to do. I still have to make the "screen bracket" for Johnny, and i just mean actually print it. Once i do that, then i should be able to boot to the screen no problem... i may be overthinking it, but i think i can have the screen run by a zero that's accepting commands from another pi. my options are, 

otherwise, i could just run an exceptionally long ribbon cable down the length of his body... but the real question is do i even need to? can i just run... two? pis and get away with it? I'm still using the arduino for motion control, and i'll need something for the arms and laser, but i'll have to do some serious work... Time to go bother Vex for the Johnny dimensions... And he may be doing this now... let's watch...

I'm going to attach this here so i don;t have to hunt for it again. One of these days i'll set up a proper website where all of this makes sense.

Anyways, Vex says he's uploading the files now. I pray to GOD they have ONE tread in them, Once i get that, i can design a decent cnc mill for them. I really don;t wanna do single tracks at a time, but i would be willing to do such things... Doing such things would actually allow me to work with the current set of crucibles... and that may be beneficial... Judging by NYC-CNC's post, the whole thing should be less than 2.5x1x8.5... which means we could, in theory, do one at a time, I'd have to make the rough castings extra everything, but it would lend itself nicely to a pocket cnc... I may be able to cast two at a crack if i play my cards right... i have to let them naturally cool though... and that's going to be a pain... I think i'll go home and make a coffee and wait for the files to finish uploading.