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Just Shy of a Week Later

Alrighty then! Where are we? Not a whole lot further physically, but a whole lot further planningly. I've tested my calculations that the 423g of Sodium Carbonate will dissolve in 1.5L of water. I tested this by measuring out the Sodium Carbonate on a scale and adding it to a clean 2.5 gallon bucket, then taking an industry standard 1.5L SmartWater bottle and upending it into the bucket. While not the most accurate of measurements, I did mark the side of the bottle initially and will be double checking the volume here soon. The results were conclusive: It did dissolve, Now I've let it sit, as the dissolving managed to raise the solution temperature by quite the noticeable amount. I was mixing with a gloved hand and did not have a thermometer handy (foolish, I know,) And everything dissolved after a moment in the elevated solution temperature, I'll be going back to examine the cooled solution and make sure everything works. The main reason for the hand mixing, is that the solution turned cloudy and the bucket is opaque-white, so there was little chance of me seeing any kind of major dissolution. 

Aside from the mild progress, I did get my 250mL Graduated Cylinders in, so I can measure the acid in a timely manner. I didn't realize this when I ordered it, but the cylinders come with a cleaning brush! So winning there! I'll double check the measurement theory more accurately here this week. If the system works out, I'll be able to make the volumes of all three containers. Also, i'll be able to properly test the chilling method of crystal removal. I'm excited to know that the initial design works, the issue with this method is volume. I have at least 10 gallons of saltwater to clean up, and after i'm done with this next liter, it'll be somewhere around eleven. adding the acid in dry is honestly probably the best overall idea, but i'm not sure it's really feasible on the automated scale. Plus there'll be no simple chill for salt removal style of system. I do intend on processing the water prior to processing the crystals, as i know that will be a pain. If my calculations are correct with regards to the (error 312: Notes at home) g/L salt still dissolved in the chilled water, i should be able to clear out the main couple of buckets with little difficulty. I might be able to just re-fill the boiler after each initial distillation without actually having to remove the salt deposits in between... I still have to find a gasket for that... The internet is a wonderful place, but i wish people would post a walk-in price per unit for one John Smith. As I have zero business deals with any of these companies, so i'll most likely be paying top dollar for a science project. 

Anyways, I got the lit knocked off of the old tank. I was rushing and the edge is wasted, but it's reasonable and salvageable with some fancy welding. I still need to knock the hole in the lid for the stack and figure out what I'm going to do about that emergency blow valve thing. I may have to hire one of the other guys at PS1 for that... 

Oreilly has sheets of coolant-safe gasket materiel that are 16x36 ish that a buddy of mine is setting aside for me. $10 and I can use it for so many gaskets!!! Can't wait! Eventually I'd like to re-make the still into something a little more cleaning friendly, but we can't all be perfect... we can, however, all get very interesting ideas... More on that once I flesh them out a little...

So where does this leave us? Well, Today will be some cleaning and acid neutralization. along with grabbing the gasket material and proper tank dimensions. Once I get all of that together, I'll grab the first x-wing stave dimensions and head up to the great white north and run a set of parts out on the CNC. That will probably be later this week. What i think i'll do between now and then, is finally run the dregs through the still and finally attach the 45 to it. Then I can call it finished for a while. As soon as I can I'd like to get the major flange sections cut out on the Johnson Bandsaw. So I may take all of the metal I have with me to the cnc and just do an hour's batch job out there. Maybe, if the material works out well, i can cut out a couple of simple trusses out of the cross sections. And whaddayaknow i'm mixing projects again!

Anyways. I'm gonna work on math and code and see you all later!