We got a lot in this weekend, the still is so TINY!!! I cleaned up the condenser and riser Saturday night over Rambo, so we'll get that soldered together here soon. The rest of the still only took me an hour to actually construct. Cleaning took about twenty minutes, and the main body has a tiny neck on it so I couldn't fit my fist in it. I'm not too worried about that though; especially since the first run will be alcohol anyways. I'll grab the electric stove element and give that a crack here sometime. I started the Glue Up of the Reaction Vessel which has gotta be cleaned and cut, along with the sodium carbonate container, but before I do either one of those, I need to do a test mixing of the right quantities of Base to water in order to confirm volume, and I'd like to do another test for neutralization ratio's as well, as I got an interesting precipitate at the bottom of the first batch. I can also confirm that the green precipitate from the earlier experiment is due to the stripped galvanization, so it's probably a combination of zinc and iron, if I had to guess. Regardless, I'll be working on extracting that once I get a clear off the water, as I can use it for Zinc electroplating. 

I still need to remake the base on my filtration apparatus, and design the v2 of it. But that will require some CNC work and a plastic injection machine, neither of which I have at the moment. I have expectations to pump the acid using air pressure, however, I'm a little wary on this method's accuracy. However, it would be the simplest version to implement, and the code would be a breeze. I do feel that a pump would do better, but to find one durable enough for the job and cheap enough to be considerable would be a trick all in itself. I would like to explore that idea in the future for the pocket version, but for now, I think I'll stick with gravity and cutoff valves.

I also started the construction of a new lab bench on the basement sink! I had a section of 3/4" plywood I cut to fit the space roughly, I still need to make the center support and location stuffs, so that should be nice and quick. I have a sheet of plate glass that i'm using as the primary surface, so that's there, the camera will be able to clamp directly to the face of the lower shelf, and i can keep the Alconox and Spray Bottle on the small corner of the shelf. I also found the 2.5 gallon buckets I needed for the dump container, now all I must do is make an appropriate lid for it. This sounds like an excellent laser project! 

I'm starting work on the code, and it's going to be very long. I guess, maybe not so, but longer than blink, and that's long to me so far, so it's time to make 1's and 0's! 

Short Ammendum: 07/10/2018

I took the neutralized sample out of the fridge, and the entire thing was crystals. Now, this was mixing the dry sodium carbonate into the acid, so in the final setup there should be another ~2.5L of water involved in this. Note, any residue inside the bucket is from the acid neutralization. The bucket was cleaned thoroughly with Alconox prior to experimentation.