We started to get stuff in yesterday, we got the stand clamps in, I may have to order more of those, but we got the mantle in, the thermometer for the still, and the parts for the WanHao. Another thing I got in was the Crawler model, so I can jump right back into that boat again! 

Regardless, what are we doing for the weekend. I'd love to get the large boiler cut apart, and have stuff tacked together. I hereby declare the steel body the boiler and the copper body the still, for clarity's sake. The Still is scheduled to get here today, so I want to have that fully assembled by the end of the weekend, and I'd love to give it a solid break in test by cleaning all of the dregs I've gathered. It should be somewhere around half a gallon once all is said and done. I'm so excited to get that outta the way. I might lose some of the older alcohols to that just to be rid of them.  I'll be selecting wood for the distillation supports, I'd love to get that all assembled soon. Once I get the plywood concept done I'll have to make the real one, but that'll be down the road some. 

Back to this weekend's plans:

  • Initial boiler prep
  • Make & Mount both storage vessels (A/B)
  • Select wood for dist. Stand
  • Build Still
  • Clear off destination location
  • Go shopping for missing tank pieces
  • 3d print gears - I'm going to have to make some adjustments on this, as the adapter will be ridiculously thin at this point. More on this dilemma later. 
  • Design and print adapter for gears

I'm going to stop there because that's already a lot. I'm pretty sure the still on it's own will be at least three hours or so.