Alright, so where are we? I have begun modeling the parts in Revit for S&G, I'll probably finish the model by the end of the week. I've figured out a much simpler refill monitor, for the acid and base tanks: Toilets. I'm going to use microswitches tied to those tiny soda bottles and build vertical toilet tanks to monitor fluid level. So much easier than measuring pressure, especially because it wont fluctuate with outside press/temp.

I'm going to scale down my operation a bit. I heartily believe I can fit the entire structure into a 2'x4'x1' space, and I might be able to make that even smaller. I can't wait to get this thing up and running proper. I'm going to try to keep it as condensed as possible, so I'm planning, at this point, to have a 1 gallon (total) reaction vessel, with appropriately sized charging tanks. I'm going to use some more planning than I have in order to make this cost effective, but I believe I can make this entire system for less than $100. The structure is costing about $13, and more than one length of PVC is Construction Salvage, as well as the 5 gallon water jugs.

Alright, I'm getting a better sense of my scale now, I should be able to make things even smaller as a few of the models are based off of the old volumes. But the last major parts I need are some plastic rods. Because I'm trying to do this proper Sciencey like, I don't want to introduce metals or weird organics into the mix unnecessarily. I know one thing, tomorrow I build the full-size chassis. I've Got it! If I make the storage tanks 3" in diameter then I can use some 2" test caps for the floats! I just hope they're light enough. If not, I have some 3d printable buoys that should do just fine. I'll have to clear them first, If for no other reason than sealing.