Alright, so the overview started to spill into this, so I figured I'd fill this in where I could.

The target for July is as follows: Get the holding tanks made/mounted, begin primary distillations, and get a prototype controller operational. Lay out specs for any remaining materials. 

Stretch goals for July: Get the V1 Controller installed, and install V1 standalone power supply. 

Alright, what does the target entail detail wise? I'm currently modeling the individual tanks and will be making a full-scale 3d model in the near future. It'll have as much detail as I deem necessary at this point, as I'd like to begin construction soon. I'll be going for the "cleanest design" at this point, but I'll probably change things up given the material at hand. I'll make a model of the final piece as things come. 

Now. I haven't yet talked about the PSU until this point. At the end of the line, I'd like to make this thing solar powered, as most of the electronics can be driven off of 12V or less. I'd love to make the array both modular, as I have several different sizes, and, ideally, solar trackable. This would be a fairly simple rooftop mounting with a camouflaged cable to calm down Pops. Hell, I bet I could install it without him noticing, initially. The only thing I'd like to do is get a shield of sorts, like Plexiglass, something to take a bit of impact before the cell does. I'll think of something acceptable, I'm sure. Anyways, that's going to take some more thinking than I have patience for.