July 19-2018 {Everybody needs my time...

I found a leak in the still's top plate. so I soldered that shut and soldered on a length of pipe to cut down to the 45 elbow for the alcohol extraction. I'll need to make a custom arrangement for the deuterium processing, but it's looking pretty good right now.  I gotta drag out the other battery in order to start charging it as well. I still need to build the upgraded solar tracker, but that'll be later. for now I'll just charge the battery on the back porch. I really gotta make some progress on that. Tonight. I'm going to dedicate myself tonight to neutralize the next liter of acid and a bunch of other things. I gotta do the Acid tonight. If it works out then i should be able to just run with tank construction. the only one I gotta be careful about is the Acid one. I can't finish that just yet. I think I might add in a third pump for the carbonate solution. I think I'll hunt down/make a battery box for the U1 battery I have, as I feel like that's a better fit for now. I'll still drag the rest of the batteries out of the corner and put them back on the trickle charger. I'm going to really crunch on the code coming soon here. I'll dedicate that to tomorrow. }

July 23, 2018 - 

Hello there! I ran an initial test of the Still and things went WONDERFULLY! I managed to liberate somewhere in the ballpark of 500mL of somewhat contaminated Alcohol, It's contaminated enough to not burn, and the measurement is based off of listed volume of my container, because I still have more alcohol to liberate. But it's super clear! I had a tad over a gallon of dregs I'd collected, so I figured I'd go for broke and burn it all. There is a downside to this, it takes forever for the junk to heat up. Something I'll have to keep in mind later. Also, I think it will be pertinent to add in the big gauge thermometer in the side of the pot, but I'd like to do it a little differently,  I still gotta play with that, but I had the thermometer at the top, so I feel like I was boiling the water at certain places. If I can find one, I'll make a way to hang the thermocouple at the top 2" of solution in order to have a more accurate temperature setting. I also need to dig up the stainless steel waddings for the column. I know I should do copper to avoid galvanic corrosion, but I think I'll be fine for the time being, Besides, I already have them. The very next thing i want to do is make a dedicated cooling bath for this system. I'd like to be able to push a button and have the system purge a half-gallon of coolant so I can add fresh ice to the mix. That's a nice to have at this point though. I can jerry-rig that into place. 

I Neutralized the next liter of acid (finally) and things looked like they went off without a hitch, there's an issue I saw initially, and that was when I refrigerated the mixed solution, nothing seemed to precipitate. It's been in the fridge since... shoot... I don;t have the time with me... either two or four p.m. No, it was two because i checked it at three, four and seven. right. I'll check it when I get home today. 

UPDATE: 07/24/2018

I looked at the mix yesterday, and it is still completely liquid. It's thick, but it's still liquid, with no discernible crystals. I decided to take a chance and added in ~40mL (measured with a 250mL Graduated Cylinder) adn lo and behold, it fizzed. So, what can we learn from this? 

  1. Slow down and double check your measurements,
  2. measure everything twice.

So that's all I have for now, Just a simple update.