I've designed a basic basket for measuring the appropriate amount of Sodium Carbonate. I still gotta figure out how to empty it into the system, but that's one less thing i gotta deal with. I do have to allocate some of the carbonate to 3d filament dehydration, but that should be minimal.

I've re-worked the file for the flange dimensions. Turns out it was 9.625" in diameter. The Lose an Inch method is good, but only if you remember it. Pops says he wants to come to PS1 to look around. I can show him the ShopBot and I can make my couple of parts. I might just make them all together. I'll definitely do that if it's something I can swing. Hopefully I can get enough free time tonight to neutralize the next liter of acid and do a final test. IF that works, then I'll finish construction of the system and go from there. I figure I can make the two five gallon jugs my first ten gallons of distilled water. This way I should be able to run through my distillation apparatus fairly quickly. I do need to get some more stable plugs for storage. I still need to finish making the distillation stand, but that can come later. I'd love to figure out where I put the digital thermometer...  

I've almost completely cleared out the space for the fine-tuning distillations, so all that's left is the neutralization system and the big boiler. I still need to solder the elbow onto the condenser. but I probably wont run a distillation until Thursday night. I will definitely be measuring volumes tonight. Assuming that all works out I should be long outta dregs. I should really make that a smaller container... I might have a gallon in there by now, but I kinda doubt it. Once I get that taken care of, I can get te bucket for more acid and run things again. i'm thinking of insulating a toolbox and using that as an all in one cooling unit. but i gotta figure out which one will be sufficient. If i can, i'll run one apparatus off of the tiny little water pump that i should probably ensure is actually working before i get things going. On the wildly ambitious chance that it is, i can run both apparatus off of the same chiller. I hope this is the case. If it is then there is hope that i can get through all of the water in quantitatively very little time. I might be able to 3d print a fill tube of sorts. what would be ideal is another 500mL flask with a double neck, but we'll suffer through this first. One thing is for sure, the sooner i can get my station set up, the sooner science starts happening. If i can effectively run this process, then i shall be able to mass-produce deuterium oxide. 

Now, I know what comes next. Once I get this system down, where do I go from there? Automation. If I can get like... 5 little 500mL stainless steel stills, each with their own thermocouple and heaters and everything, then I should be able to make this in the background! that would be really exciting for me. I have crude designs to make an automatic drain for the battery acid and should therefore only need to send it through the filter and even that could be automated to some extent. I think the very next step, that i could start tonight, is to test 3d printed float designs in the acid. although, I suppose I could just use a bobber... I'm going to explore that option. as it would be a great, inexpensive method of adding a float to something that would rarely if ever touch acid. 

that only leaves me with the neutralization issue. i suppose the simplest method would be to prepare a batch of solution in something like a 5 gallon container. I don;t think that would be too difficult, i would just need 8 kilos of sodium carbonate, and being as i bought 22 of them, i should be fine... volume... i didn't think about the volume... 3153cm^3... that is just shy of a gallon... to prep five gallons....Plus it bubbled and foamed a tad, so there;s other things at play here. however if i can work out the ideal math for it, then i hsould be able to... i need ot consult some textbooks here soon... i;m confusing even myself.