Alrighty where are we? Not much farther along realistically, but we're getting there. We've made some progress with either end of the arm, I think i have the wrist mechanism done. i have to print the final prototypes. There will be no twist, but i should be able to bend it just fine. One lower mounting flange should be done by now, and i have the two fork tines modeled and ready for initial testing. so all that's left is the elbow, and whatever spinning bits i want in the arm. the only really "missing" piece is the extra long zero camera cable. Once i get that, i should be fine! the only thing is, i'm not sure how well OpenCV will run on a zero. 

All in all i probably have another three hours of parts to print today, plus another handful modeling and modifying. I should really weigh the claw end. the current config is this:

kinda crazy, but i am actively concerned about the overall weight of the arm at the end of itself. I think it will be fine. One of the last things i have to do is design a camera mount for this thing. but should i have it
on the claw, or on the forearm just behind it. IF i went with the forearm, then i'd have the issue of accurate tracking. but i could probably learn to code that out of the system. That only leaves me with one major concern. Melting point. This can be avoided in a number of ways, and i'll explore them all in depth once we get a functioning arm; but that is something that does concern me greatly. 

Once we finish with assembly, all I have to do is software (yay) I feel like i need to start choosing simpler projects. but, then again, what do i know, these could be very simple projects. 
Anyways, that's the update for today. nothing too glamorous. but finally making progress.