I want to build a couple of CNC mills. Simple machines with a simple purpose. At this point I'm only planning on two, but that could change in the future. 

The ideas are simple. I want a desktop one, designed to do PCBs and Thin Aluminum. The whole machine should take up no more square footage than a sheet of paper, plus a cord. The second one, I'm still working on. At full home, I want the empty space to be large enough to contain the smaller printer, to allow for easier transportation. My current idea is to have a solid bed and a moving ... there's a name for that thing... the archway... I'm calling a K-member until I learn the proper name. I got ideas to put down. 

So I guess that design is fairly standard, I'm ok with that. The other idea is to make it a fairly standard Prusa 3D printer style. Stationary overall frame with moving table and L/R + Z spindle. I like this idea, except for the fat that you usually need more room than the overall footprint of the machine. So that is going to be the goal on the small one. only make it as large as you need. I honestly do feel that the available space on the current design will be sufficient. I may try to notch some things to add extra room, but we'll see.

Anyways, more designing and sourcing to do. Have a day!