We're cutting parts this week! I'm going to start by working on the basic skeleton, I'm debating whether to... yeah I will... I was going to be debating whether i should cut the interior area out. I will, but i think i'll model the two separately, so I can make an indoor interior to start playing with the electronics with. That should be great fun. once things get started. plus I can fit the interior section onto the room so i can work on it at 3AM. that'll go over well I'm sure! I bought a regular joystick to start things kinda regularly. i still need a throttle mechanism and I'll watch a couple of teardowns for that. 

We finally got rid of the NordicTrac so i got the V1 foot Pedals from that. I've got slice 16 about 80% modeled. I still need to finish adding the stave areas for the body lines. as well as the "16" designation. but i might as well just write that in in sharpie. I'm still debating whether or not i should make it two pieces. 

Regardless, I've written up the script for the DemoBot for the videogame. more on that when i actually have something to show you.

P.S. Not sure why i didn't publish this on Monday when i wrote it...