I checked out the tubes on Friday Night. They'll be perfect! There's some cheaper schedule 40 Cell/foam core in 10' lengths, so I'll have to see how that goes with the rest of the project. I think I'll get some 2" or 3" and do some test cuts. right.... that's another thing... how do I cut something at a seven foot angle... details for down the road. I may pay the extra $10/tube to save time on finishing later, but we'll see... For now I can add those dimensions to the models. I was toying around with the idea of making foam proton torpedoes, and have them actually fire, using some air cannons or something, but 6" pipe is a lotta air to fill... it would be interesting; But something I'll add down the road. I've begun modeling the exterior and interior skins so that I can realistically structure this sucker. 

Adding the tubes will be interesting, but hopefully not too difficult. I think I'm going to attach them with something similar to These Nitrous Bottle Clamps, but a little larger. All that would do would make things easier to move around. 

I've decided to postpone the purchase of anything until I have at least one CNC machine built. I'd like to build 2, with one geared more towards PCB milling, and light duty, thinner applications. I've begun an entire write up on that process over here. I'm still going to be modeling and musing here, but I will intentionally not be making any major physical progress or acquisitions. 

We'll see you in the next one, Starfighter.