And that's best done in an X Wing. So that's what we need. I've decided to start with the cockpit, and if I decide to build the rest of it down the road, then we'll do that. 

One of the things I learned during my hours of research, is that the vast majority of the "full-size" X-Wings out there are actually 3/4 scale. There is a very good reason for this, The "original" of these replicas were made in Germany, and were required to fit down the roads on the backs of trailers, so certain parts (wings) couldn't be any larger. or they'd never clear some of the bridges and overpasses. Here in America, we have ways around that. Regardless, I do not have the space or capital required for such an endeavor, so I'll stick with the cockpit. Here's the section I'm going to build: 

According to a mostly accurate AutoCAD sketch, this should put me at just over 10 feet long, give or take "internal" nose greeblies. Conveniently enough, the Flight Computer is at the pilot's feet, just on the other side of the firewall, so there goes one question: "Where do I hide the computer?"

So that's step one, I decided against making the droid compartment attached, as there are already going to be some, albeit minor, body changes with the current design; as the simulator is destined to sit on a couple of wheels right now. 

as you can see, the body of this accurate-enough-for-this-example HotWheels Die Cast Red Five model, the body actually widen's just behind the pilot's head. building this accurately would add unnecessary height to the simulator. I do want to build this right the first time by nature, so I'll compromise by making the IRL skin sections removable, for the off chance that I make the rest of it. 

At this time, there are going to be some unusual design aspects of this build. Because it's more of an "all or nothing" build, I'm inevitably going to have to move it around sometime, so I'm going to make the whole thing somewhat modular. The canopies will both be removable, as will both sides at this time, this only leaves me with the interior at this time. I'll have to do some simulations and calculations, but I'm not sure that I'll need to separate this piece as well. I am working with the Flight Computer designs in an attempt to make it removable with like, one giant plug. 

At this very-early stage of planning, I only really have two questions about this: 

1. Do I black out the canopies at this time? I can buy large sheets of black or white HDPE at the Home Improvement store for relatively little money, ~$30 or so for a 4x8 sheet of 1/8 inch material if I nail some sale prices. Compared to over a hundred for something comparable and clear at the same location. I'm going to look into getting the pieces laser cut, as a friend of mine pointed out the use of Chicago Screws in order to make the panels replaceable, and that will take a lot of holes. I can do it by hand, but I'd rather have ultimate accuracy if I can. 

2. Do I wait to finish this until I get the correct seat? Don't get me wrong, my gut reaction is a resounding "YES. YOU GORRAM IDIOT. OF COURSE!!!" but realistically, That seat is incredibly hard to come by, and I could probably build most of the PC with the money I'd save using a "close enough" seat. I know of a guy in Britain who is slowly building his own Flight Simulator and has the correct seat. I am going to reach out to him and see if I can't get enough reference photos and dimensions to make an EPS replica for it. If this happens, I can make the rest of the cockpit around the right unit, and substitute another until I get the right one.

So yeah. That's about where I'm at right now. I need to properly model this thing so that i can run some estimates on all of the parts. I need to figure out stuff like How much of What Steel do i need for the "door skins" and how much Fiberglass will i need to cover this whole thing?

I'll task a buddy of mine to design the VR rig and we'll see how it goes. I have a feeling he won't be sharing my vision for this. that's fine. all i'll need is for him to understand the design requirements.